About Us

Welcome to Label Kuhoo, where comfort meets style in the most vibrant and exciting way! Born in 2020 as a Westernwear brand, fate had other plans for us when the pandemic hit. Embracing change, we transformed into a haven of cozy elegance - introducing the world of loungewear for women.
The response was overwhelming, and our love for design and comfort led us to expand our offerings. Today, we proudly cater to men and kids too, providing an array of loungewear and everyday wear that's as colorful as life itself.
At Label Kuhoo, we believe in the power of prints and patterns. Our designs are a playground of creativity, splashing bright hues and lively combinations that make a statement. Comfort is our mantra, and every stitch is a testament to meticulous craftsmanship, lovingly made right here in India.
Being a homegrown woman-led brand fills us with immense pride, as we curate pieces that celebrate the beauty of every individual. And that's not all - for those seeking something even more luxurious, we have our premium wear brand, Kuhoo Luxe.
Join us on this exciting journey of fashion and comfort. Step into a world where style knows no boundaries and happiness comes wrapped in the softest embrace.
Made in India 
With Lots of Love