Our Story



In the year 2020, a remarkable journey began with our founder Priyaa P Bansal at the helm, determined to create something extraordinary – Label Kuhoo, a brand that aimed to empower women with stylish Western wear. Little did we know that fate had a different plan in store.
As the pandemic cast its shadow, uncertainty loomed ahead. With no existing customer base, we faced an uphill battle. Many might have been disheartened, but we stood firm, we swiftly pivoted to meet the evolving needs of the times.
Enter our signature loungewear for women – a revelation that struck a chord with comfort-seeking souls around the world. The response was beyond their wildest expectations, propelling us forward with newfound success. Innovating ceaselessly, we unveiled captivating designs and styles that captured the essence of contemporary fashion.
In a mere three years, Label Kuhoo flourished, transcending boundaries beyond women's loungewear. Now, our collections encompassed men and kids, spreading coziness across families far and wide.
Through our dedication and steadfast commitment to quality, Label Kuhoo thrived, building a strong customer base of 20,000 patrons.
But our journey didn't halt there; Label Kuhoo embraced evolution once more, delving into the realm of premium wear, giving birth to Kuhoo Luxe – an epitome of luxury and sophistication. Today, Label Kuhoo stands tall, a beacon of passion, determination, and the unyielding pursuit of dreams. From humble beginnings to touching the lives of thousands!